i have much respect for mommies of three boys.  maybe i’m a bit biased, but i sure do love when i meet another crew of just boys.  as if we have a complete understanding of the constant effort to keep some balance between the xx/xy chromosomes.  maybe more so because i know the connection a momma has for her bear cubs and that special mother-son bond three times strong.  of course the longing for a little more girly opportunities in our world.  i know that’s why i love photographing girls every chance i get… but boys still hold a special part of my heart.  these three were just so stinking cute and with such a brotherly bond too.  such a great looking family. Naese-010Naese-016-swapNaese-022Naese-027 Naese-052-BWNaese-040-BWNaese-057 Naese-007Naese-061-toned