my business (and my life) was drastically changed last march when i had the opportunity to watch a live online broadcast featuring australian photographer of the year 2012, sue bryce, on creativelive. her words, her teaching, her vision has empowered me beyond anything i could have ever imagined… and things i only dreamt about. i owe the success of opening my photography studio in last june on account of that broadcast and what sue shared.

i’m sharing with you all here on my blog a little piece of sue’s recent experience when she collaborated with film creator hailey bartholomew to capture, retell, and share the incredible story of jill brzezinski-conley – a “kick cancer in the ass” fighting gorgeous 34 year old who wants to share her story with the world in hopes of saving just one (or many) girl(s).

please grab a box of kleenex… and get ready to be moved by all of these women because they are all so incredible… and i am so grateful to have been touched.

The Light That Shines from on Vimeo.