i mentioned last week that i had ordered myself a new wall series after being inspired by a fab client’s order… well here it is…  can you tell i love to decorate my home with photography.

they are 12×12 metallic float wraps.  the lab wraps the laminate image around a padded light-weight masonite board and mounts the board to 3/4″ gatorboard block to create the floating 3 dimensional display.  it comes ready to hang… and was easy enough that i didn’t even need my hubby to help me hang  🙂

here’s the floating view… and it ties in nicely with my other wall series (i do love color prints as well -lol)

i came across this image recently and wanted to share as well.  it’s a quick shot i took when i delivered some canvas prints to a client at work.  aren’t they just gorgeous!!  definitely some eye candy in her home.

these are 24×30 canvas wall prints