today is my mommy’s 60th birthday.  this is a huge celebration considering we almost lost her 20 years ago.  when i was just 19, my mom suffered a massive heart attack.  we are so blessed that she survived and the dear Lord answered our prayers.  i am so grateful that she was here for my wedding day, the day i became a mommy, to watch my boys and her grand babies grow.  she’s my shoulder to cry on, my venting board, my biggest fan, and my best friend.  she has the biggest heart of any person i know and is the most caring, compassionate, and selfless individual putting everyone else first.  she is full of laughter with the most radiant smile, the social butterfly, and the life of the party.  her support and her encouragement throughout the years are immeasurable but most of all her love for her family is truly the strongest part about her.

when i added “the beautiful you” as an additional genre to my photography, my purpose was to capture a beautiful image of any women who did not feel worthy, who ever suffered of not feeling good enough.  my mom was one of the first person’s i thought of… i wanted her to feel beautiful like she once did… i wanted her to feel that she was still special, still worthy and honor the beautiful woman she truly is.  she still suffers from health issues and most days doesn’t feel so good… she’s actually recovering from her 2nd knee surgery this weekend; the original one was a year ago on her last birthday.  she has suffered so much and i just wish her to feel good.

for mother’s day, we celebrated together with pedi’s, facials, and shopping.  a few days later, she came into the studio for her very own makeover & glam photoshoot with her beautiful long hair (that is usually up in a bun)….  i think we will begin calling her rapunzel.  please join me in wishing her a very sweet happy birthday.