i just ordered myself a new wall series display after being inspired by one of my fabulous client’s recent order.  seeing her prints in person definitely sold me… and i’m the one who sold them to her -lol.  which made me think of how difficult it is to purchase something blindly.  having a visual idea or a tangible sample definitely helps to validate a design you have in mind.  so i thought i would share some wall series snapshots.

this is a new wall series i did late last year for myself.  a 4″ espresso parisian custom frame from wild sorbet frame co with a 20×20 print and four 8×12 standout mounted prints.

this one comes from another fabulous client who kindly sent me a snapshot of her wall series after her hubby hung.  she had a very large entertainment unit – something like 9 feet – so she definitely made wow factor in her living room with these 5 standout mounted wall portraits.  gorgeous!!  three 20×30 & two 24×30 standouts

i will definitely share my new float wrap wall portraits once i receive and have them displayed.