can you believe it’s here already!!!  it’s hard to look like Christmas in florida – thank goodness for decking out the houses with christmas lights.  i love that we don’t have to have family portraits that look like they were shot in florida.  i absolutely adore this family… i got to meet like “c” man when he was only a few hours old & photographed him right in the hospital (check out the end of this post for my fav image from the shoot in the hospital on his actual birthday).  here he is all grown up and with such personality.  it’s getting a bit nostalgic seeing all these kiddies growing up right under my nose… as if my own kids weren’t growing up way too fast.  this lil man turns 3 this week. what a privilege to continue to capture his milestones and witness his changes in life.  i feel so blessed to have clients like this.  very grateful.

happy birthday mr “c”.