what is the main reason we seek out professional portraits?  to update our facebook?  no (although many of us might say yes-lol). the real reason is we want to stop time, capture the significance of this moment in life, and preserve it…  so when the memory fades we have a piece to always remind us of how quickly life changes and how significant these moments are.   that’s why it is so important to me to provide a complete package to my clients.  both my clients and myself invest so much time into just one little session.  between envisioning, researching, planning, preparing, the photoshoot itself, culling, editing, color enhancing, retouching…. it adds up.  in the end, i don’t want to shortcut all of our efforts by just handing my client a cd and wish them luck.  i want to share my printing expertise and product knowledge helping them thru the overwhelming task of which to print and to make sure it’s done correctly.  from color calibrations to cropping positions, i assure the highest quality.  i want my clients to leave my studio feeling their portrait experience was complete and they have a perfectly finished product they will love having 20 years from now.  and i don’t mind including the cd so they can still update their facebook timelines 🙂

here’s a beautiful heirloom album that made it’s way back to abu dhabi just this past week.  i was so incredibly honored to have had a client seek me all the way from abu dhabi to capture the very first professional portraits of her brand new baby girl during their stay here in florida.  only 5 days old.  can you imagine pulling this album out when she is 5, 10, the day she plans to walk down the asile, or even when she is about to become a mom herself.  i’m sure they will be sighing even in just a quick 6 months from now.