i get to connect with such wonderful families with my business and i love it.  they become part of my own little business family as we become apart of an awesome memory through photographing a day in their lives.  shared stories, lots of laughter, and a window into their family bond. they have welcomed me into their homes, into their lives and have been just as hospitable to me & my family.  i enjoy all the memories i get to share with my clients and am blessed to consider them as friends thereafter.  our families are spread about the country & years go by so quickly, our children grow up, our parents retire, and our lives get more hectic each day.  i use to think my business was a luxury commodity… but i now realize how very much having portraits of your family and making those memories happen is a necessity .  whether you do so with a professional photographer or through your cell phone:  capture those memories… print those memories… preserve those memories… and remember them often as they will fade.