most moms are the glue to the family unit…. the bond that keeps it all together and the one who keeps it moving forward.  however, beneath her might, she is supported by her rock, her husband.  together they make the family core.  i am always amazed & honored when i see how strong military families are when one is shipped off overseas to leave the family behind.  as if they have mighty might to make up for the miles that separate their core.  their daily struggles that are so easily melted away once they feel the touch of their spouse are months/years away.  i know how badly i would crumble so i see how strong these families are – much stronger than me.  how selfless they are to say goodbye to the most important people in their life so that they can serve our us and our country.  the videos of reunions always tear me up.  this family’s dad just departed.  i pray for him in his journey… i pray for mom in holding down the fort… i pray for their family as the core is separated by the distance & time apart and truly will be missed.  hugs “w” family