And just like that, school has commenced and summer is here, and graduation celebrations are in full swing.  The right of passage that truly dignifies that you are no longer a child and instead quite capable indeed of making life changing choices for yourself.  For Alexis’ senior portraits we had her amazing home as our setting and got to pull her away from her studies for the afternoon to capture her incredible natural beauty.  Her accomplishments so far at such a young age is quite remarkable and impressive.  She will be attending one of the most prestigious of colleges (can’t wait to hear which one she finally chose) and I hope to follow her career success because it is quite guaranteed to be beyond extraordinary.  This gal is going places 🙂   Happy Graduation Alexis – I hope you have the time of your life- beautiful.  Alexis-026 Alexis-131 Alexis-119 Alexis-099 Alexis-076 Alexis-154 Alexis-140 Alexis-050 Alexis-044 Alexis-022 Alexis-011 Alexis-161 Alexis-105 Alexis-091 Bridget-Lopez-Photography-Alexis-036-darker Bridget-Lopez-Photography-Alexis-099-edit-flair Bridget-Lopez-Photography-Alexis-111-edit-flair1