so i have to admit that this past holiday hit me like a freight train.  i’m pretty use to how hectic it gets considering the volume those last 3 months… but this past year… wow!!  i didn’t even get a chance to send out holiday cards this year – which will be the first time in at least 14 years :(  christmas cards are MY thing… and i didn’t get them done.  sigh… so i take a deep breathe and tell myself “it’s ok” there’s some things you just have to let go of, right.  i am so grateful for such a successful year in 2012 with reaching one of my biggest life goals of opening a studio.  i am so excited for what 2013 will bring and am looking forward to improving my brand.  thank you to the dear lord above for writing this in my plan.  many thanks to cynthia & kelsey who have helped incredibly through this journey as well (they are both featured in here somewhere in this post).  thank you to all my clients and followers – both old and new.  you all have a place in my heart for allowing me to capture & preserving some of your life’s history and being apart of this journey with me.  i am so grateful for all of your support throughout the years.

since i neglected showcasing everyone’s images throughout the holidays… i’m gonna catch up with a great big blog post.  sorry for it not being personal posts.

happy 2013!!