so excited for this duo, soon to be trio, to welcome their baby girl into this world.  kelsey has been such a big part of my business this past year and a half with being my main hair & make up artist for my glam sessions.  her friendship and creative inspiration has been such a blessing to my world and i am completely grateful god introduced us.  i am so confident that her and cameron are going to be amazing parents full of passion, wonder, creativity, laughter, love, acceptance and most of all a beautiful life centered around god.   i can’t wait to sit back and watch them go and see how much i learn from them!  love you two three.

if anyone is wondering why these two look so familiar, they are quite famous from our engagement session way back when – they also hang on my studio walls.  they are both born breed stylists so of course they know how to work the hair 🙂

disclaimer: the row boat idea was totally their idea and i claim no responsibility for putting an 8 month preggo mommy on a lil tiny row boat….. although i am totally in love with the results!!