it’s been very difficult to patiently wait to share these new images with everyone.  i was inspired to expand my existing photography portfolio to focus on the beauty of a woman.  so with this new inspiration lingering inside me, i had the opportunity for a concept shoot for my new contemporary portraits…. •••the beautiful you•••

but i couldn’t launch it just yet.  because i didn’t have anywhere i could continue to shoot it at………..

until now!

this past week i received the keys to my new home studio.  yes, my very own studio.  i’m repeating this because i am still in shock.  this dream dates back many many years.  i am so thrilled to have a dedicated spot to photograph my baby portraits in addition to my new contemporary glam portraits, as well as having a place to entertain my clients without having to kick my family out of my house.  my business is growing and my dreams are coming true.  and i am ecstatic!

so without further ado, here’s a quick sneak peek of our new contemporary glam portraits •••the beautiful you •••

i have included before&after shots on these so that you do not mistaken and think i hired models for my concept shoots…. they are just everyday fabulously glamorous woman>>> just like YOU!!!

i love feedback, so please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  and of course hit the contact button if you are interested in one of our upcoming glam sessions.

many many thanks to kelsey (hair & make-up), cynthia (my new studio manager), sue bryce (my glam inspiration) and the lord up above for holding my hand through all of this.