there’s always something refreshing about the start of the new year.  time to reflect back, be grateful for our blessings, and make goals for the future.  i love all those encouraging quotes floating around.  the power of positive thinking and believing in your own strength and self worth.  it always gives me hope when i actually see someone’s success.  it’s that much more encouraging to tell you – yes, you too can do it.  this is jayme.  jayme lost an incredible 70 pounds last year.  seventy!!  i am so proud of her.  all her hard work…. all her dedication… all while meeting her 3 kids & hubbies needs…. and all while heading back to college herself.  she did it!!  she put herself first and she did it.  incredible.    i couldn’t wait to document this milestone for her.   i couldn’t think of a more deserving candidate.  and how special to experience this with her daughter to forever document their memory, their bond, and their beauty.

in the back of my mind, i think all my self imaging issues would be resolved once i loose my XX amount.  but with the amount of women i have photographed throughout my years… i have come to learn we ALL have some insecurity regardless of our size, age, color, weight, bust size…. and even after losing an incredible amount.  i now know it’s not about changing the reflection in the mirror but the perception in our minds.  my goal for 2013 will be to change my own inner perception… and help YOUR perception by showing the beauty i see within YOU!!  we all deserve that gift.  i still set my goal to lose my XX amount and follow jayme’s lead :)  wishing you all success with each of your own goals and a prosperous and blessed 2013.  ~cheers~

“nothing makes a woman more beautiful, than the Belief that she is Beautiful.” – sophia loren

hair & makeup by kelsey lyn gamso of fresh salon sarasota