one of the best parts of being a children’s photographer is to actually witness the growth that just quickly passes… pause it for a sweet moment and preserve it forever. there’s no truth to that saying ‘they grow up so fast’ until you become a parent and witness how quickly it passes. i read a friend’s fb post today for ?#?tbt? if you could relive one day from your past, which would it be? and hers was the birth of her twin boys. the most significant days in our lives rush by with the joy of the experience… our memories, our videos, our photographs, our records are the only method of preserving these memories. they are priceless and invaluable and should be respected & adored as such.

enjoy this sweet lil video of baby breelyn who is celebrating her very first birthday today. Sweet Birthday Wishes Princess Breelyn



Breelyn’s 1st Year from Bridget Lopez Photography on Vimeo.

Sarasota Bradenton based children's photographer, Bridget Lopez Photography. Baby's watch me grow milestone plan capturing the first year of life.