there is something so gratifying when you meet someone that your heart instantly connects to.  the kind of chance meeting that you know He had everything to do with and the paths crossing at the right time.  people do come into our lives for a reason and i am so fortunate of this one.  there are some incredible women in this world who have a super power of lifting up the spirits of others and this gal does so with such ease and grace.  her heart speaks clearly with elegance on improving the self worth in women and she has a brand new venture that will help uplift women and build a community of friendship and support.  i am so excited for her launch that is just around the corner.  be sure to keep an eye out for this growing community and consider being a part of it…. as you never know, you may be that special person who lifts up those around you too.  here she is with her niece celebrating their close bond and friendship.  truly two beautiful souls. Glamour-Bridget-Lopez-Photography001Glamour-Bridget-Lopez-Photography003MerleTrinity-004Glamour-Bridget-Lopez-Photography004Glamour-Bridget-Lopez-Photography005Glamour-Bridget-Lopez-Photography006Glamour-Bridget-Lopez-Photography007Glamour-Bridget-Lopez-Photography008Glamour-Bridget-Lopez-Photography009Glamour-Bridget-Lopez-Photography010Glamour-Bridget-Lopez-Photography011Glamour-Bridget-Lopez-Photography012Glamour-Bridget-Lopez-Photography013Glamour-Bridget-Lopez-Photography014Glamour-Bridget-Lopez-Photography015Glamour-Bridget-Lopez-Photography016Glamour-Bridget-Lopez-Photography017Glamour-Bridget-Lopez-Photography018