i have had a growing number of inspiring models as clients and truly love these types of sessions.  we have lots of fun, add in a few outfit changes, hair, make-up (sometimes) and just play in front of the camera for a while.  most of them are just stepping into the world of modeling and have little experience, if any, just yet…. and since i do not work exclusively with models this is perfect relationship for me.   most of my experience is working with everyday people… and making them feel beautiful, glamorous, … and like a model ~ just without the pressure of them needing to know what they’re suppose to be doing yet.  that will come in time… and i’m always so happy to hear & see them moving along in the industry.  it’s quite exciting and i’m  so happy that i was apart of their careers (even in the beginning stages).

since i rarely have shown final comp cards on the blog, i thought i would post a handful to show the various styles – both fronts & backs.

these guys are just stunning.