do you remember all those grownups we thought were crazy for constantly telling you how fast the time goes by?  when i was a kid, i felt like time was standing still.  and then i became a mom and had that “oOo” moment (you know the ones when you are like “that’s what ‘they’ were talking about”) and so I said to myself – who the heck has the remote control and pressed fast forward??  and i’m now the grownup telling everyone else… “it really does fly by so fast.”  the bummer is there’s no slow down button.

we wait our whole life for our first child to be born… and it seems like an eternity.  but as soon as he’s born, buckle up cuz it’s hard to keep up.

here’s mr jacob who just celebrated his first birthday… with a room full of balloons, a smash cake, and a bubble bath.  check out his transformation in just one short year!

happy birthday jacob.  you were so fun to run around and try to keep up with.  your such a cutie.

on a side note, i am so grateful to have a studio for these summer month scorchers down here in florida.