we are all guilty of saying it.  “i wish i could look like that.”  we are all guilty of comparing ourselves and having negative thoughts run thru our minds.  it’s the one common flux in all us woman that i hope to quiet for you.  i created the beautiful you campaign exactly for that reason.  i wanted to quiet the little voice in our heads by proving it completely wrong.  proving that you are worth being photographed and adored and loving a portrait of yourself.  proving the everyday girl is amazingly beautiful and is deserving of being on the cover of her own ad in which other woman wish they could look as good as she does. the everyday girl in all different ages, sizes, and skin colors… all are deserving of a beautiful you glam session… all are deserving of shushing that voice that stops you from doing it.  so let’s just do it.  email me today and schedule your glamour session and enjoy looking like you!  bridgetlopez@gmail.com