About Me


Welcome, I am Bridget, a contemporary portrait photographer. I specialize in photographing women in all the special moments in our lives: when we fall in love, when we begin a family, when our children are our entire worlds, when all we need is our girlfriends & a glass of wine, when we realize just how strong we are, when it’s time to document our legacy.

I am in the business of helping women feel and look beautiful.  My superpower is the gift of stopping time, capturing it, and preserving it so it’s never a lost memory. The most significant portraits I take are the ones of multiple generations, the ones I know that will be passed down from generation to generation.

I invite you to experience what it feels like to be a supermodel for one day, to be photographed with the people you love, and to have the most beautiful photograph of yourself. I have created a beautiful intimate studio space that allows even the most vulnerable inhibited souls shine through. I transform women and help them change they way they see themselves…. and I want to do that for you. I promise it will change the way you see yourself.

My photography journey began in 1999 while attending college for graphic design, I had my first opportunity to step into a dark room and see an image come to life.  Influenced heavily by art and fashion growing up, I knew I found the perfect medium that would allow me to combine my vision and perspective with my design and art skills.  I established my business in 2004 after working a handful of years for labs and photography studios while developing my own personal style. My long time dream of owning my own photography studio became a reality in 2012 and now I have a beautiful loft style studio space in the heart of downtown Bradenton Florida to spoil my client’s in.  I am incredibly grateful to love what I do. It truly is an honor to have client’s shed their insecurities and inhibitions to allow me to capture their inner light…. each and every one of us has it… and when we can relax for a moment, we allow it to seep through… there is nothing more beautiful.

A little about me… I am married for 20 years and have 3 incredibly handsome boys who are my greatest creations & treasures. I am a day dreamer, a quote junky, a soul searcher, a momma bear… I love crafting, a cup of tea, power tools, and a glass of wine with a beautiful Florida sunset.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I look forward to getting to know you.



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