somedays i need to slow down, breathe in, and really appreciate all that this life has brought to me. i truly have been blessed with a wonderful & supportive family and a never-ending passion for capturing incredible imagery. many days i forget to show my gratitude to my dear Lord who has chosen this path for me. i love this life, i love my husband, and my 3 incredibly spirited children, and my camera in hand to capture this life. i love meeting so many new and fabulous families who remind me exactly what life is about; our heart touched moments of the relationships in our lives. some days i miss seeing those moments for exactly what they are… a blessing.

when i asked jonathan & robynn who may i thank for referring them to me on my portrait agreement questionnaire, their reply was “God.” how absolutely true!! i thank you dear God for such wonderful families to grace my life just as this gorgeous one. i am so very lucky to meet such fabulous people.

thank you jonathan & robynn for reminding me of my blessings.